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Sie brauchen es auf English?
Gibts viele dafür....

Aber Sie brauchen es
                       für AMERIKA?
Na ja, dann gibts mich!

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Translation Examples

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Clients & Compliments




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Because while many have a fine background in translating words,
few have the creative background to maximize their expression.


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General Binding Terms of Business and Contracts

Fun stuff!Fun Stuff!

Collected potpourri on translation
and other fun stuff

"The trouble with doing translation right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was."

Perhaps you've heard of the old joke about the translator who offered good, quick, and cheap
   translations. The catch, as he explained to customers, was that the customer could only have
   any two out of those three, but never all three at once:

A good quick translation would not be cheap.
A good cheap translation would not be quick.
A quick cheap translation would not be good.

For correct, coherent and absorbing translations
between the unique German language
and the singular version of English
which has evolved into American English

Seit 1997, stelle ich Übersetzungen/Textverarbeitung für viele verschiedene Klienten fertig: Filmproduktionhäuser zu PR/Werbeagenturen; Patentanwälte bis Software Firmen.

Vorher, habe ich jahrelang für eine größere Münchner Patentanwaltskanzlei gearbeitet. And for many years before arriving in Germany, a Boston advertising agency as well as various radio stations kept me happy, busy and productive as a Copywriter/Voicer.

Denn Sie jemanden brauchen, der sicher und einfühlsam mit amerikanischer Sprache und Texten umgeht, der analytisches sowie kreatives Denken und Flexibilität besitzt. When you'd prefer your English work to be quickly and efficiently produced and you demand someone dependable and reasonable.....

... und ganz bestimmt wenn die Umgangssprache
für Amerika stimmen soll!





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