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Click here for May 2003-Oktoberfest 2004 albums

Newer albums follow below:

Spring-Summer 2009

(15 photos)


late 2008

(13 photos)


Fall 2008

(18 photos)


Click here for the full story of
Gus-the-Ghost Sees Some of the World
(September 2008)

Tahoe Scenes 2002

Tahoe: First Day of School

South Africa, 2002

Boston, 2001

Tarifa (Spain), 2001

Greece, 2000

Los Angeles, 1999

Official pictures


Click here for just the photo album

(21 photos)

The Grand Shane Sweater Projekt

And for those who
simply cant resist
a look at
Charles Manson
without his beard
(and who among us couldnt?!)

Summer 2008

(11 photos)


Includes Shanes momentous decision:
The Hair Finally Goes!

                         Spring 2008   (22 photos)


Christmas 07 - Early 08

         (20 photos)



  Los Angeles; Summer 2006; Vol. 1
How we spent our summer vacation 2006

(35 photos)

Los Angeles; Summer 2006; Vol. 2
featuring Dannys piloting skills 

(27 photos)

Shane turns 11! {Sept. 2005}

Plus his photos from his class hike up Tahoes Mt. Tallac (a 3,300-foot gain in elevation up to the peak at 9,735 feet). Mt. Tallac is adorned with what most people call a snow cross (although I, being the relative pagan I am, think it looks like a lobster) -- the Washoe Indians who lived here believed that this cross would forecast drought.

(35 photos)




Danny as Angel

Click here to see his amazing
Little League season 2006   
(21 photos)

Click here to see his fantastic front-page
write-up in our local Tahoe newspaper; June 19, 2006
And here for a close-up of the paragraph attributing him with virtually the entire winning season!

Early Summer 2006 gets underway:
from Dog-in-River to Shane-on-Bull

(18 photos)

Annual Re-enactment of Pony Express Ride {2006}
through Nevadas oldest settlement; Genoa

                                                                                       (32 photos)


Winchester Mystery House, San Jose,
to California State Fair, Sacramento

                                                                                       (26 photos)

Shanes Football Stats

Click here to see photos from the 2005 South Lake Tahoe Vikings season

(18 photos)

Click here to see Shanes big crunch as immortalized on the Reno 11:00 p.m. news
Look for blue/gold No. 14 and the only kid with a black helmet in a sea of blue ones!

Carson: the latest addition to our family

The doctor is in

Christmas 2005CARSON
Our Best Christmas Present Ever!

Annual Haunted House Volunteering Effort
(October 2005)

Storm Stories 2004/2005

Summarizing look at this
Amazing Winter 2004/2005.
Click here to see all that
we lived through!
(Note: PowerPoint presentation)

Michael comes to visit

Many visitors came to see&ski this once-in-a
lifetime winter for themselves.
here to see how much fun
 we had with one such visitor!
(Note: PowerPoint presentation)

Our Epic Winter 2004/2005

Second Coming of Eva

San Francisco, Spring 2005

Shane in Tahoe Family

Our Epic Winter 2004/2005
Heavenly to Mammoth               (25 photos)

The Second Coming of Eva
March 2005
includes Dannys Good Citizen Award
ceremony and Shanes debut as second
lead in school play                                   
(12 photos)

San FranciscoApril 2005 /
Dannys 11th Birthday; May 2005
                                                                       (26 photos)

Shane is published in the Tahoe Family publication on his future career plans in the entertainment industry.
Click here to see what he wrote (June 2005).
(Note: Word document with scans)





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