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If you are ready for a trip
through this breakneck speed world,
simply pick a driver!

You have a choice of numerous directions
but, of course, one is never quite sure
where a chosen route will lead
or even where your driver will actually take you!

last update: 01 Okt 14

all new photo albums 08-09!

What is new is that I lost this entire website earlier in 2014 and have simply not had time to get things back up and running properly until now, and only still have very limited time at present to devote to the process.

So while there will still be many broken links and missing pages/data for quite some time to come, know that I am fervently working as best I can behind the scenes on recreating the site in its entirety!

Capitalistic Tourisma

"How I Can Manage to Work in a Tourist Resort"

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