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Getting Personal

the proverbial long strange trip

Model year

prior to the advent of PCs and steering column headlight dimmers,
simultaneous with the introduction of colour TV,
subsequent the introduction of the Salk vaccine

Subsequent refinements

reared in Los Angeles (way back when that was okay to admit!),
educated in northern Idaho, learned my broadcasting/advertising
copywriting trade on the mean streets of Boston and Maine,
went to Munich to experience life in a foreign country for just a little bit
in 1990 and remained there for 12 years (see 2002 move to
Lake Tahoe
followed by 2014 move to
Crescent City)

Religious beliefs

devoutly atheist

prior valid justification: The devil made me do it
todays valid justification: My god made me do it



Actual lifestyle

I firmly believe that without the cigarettes, strong black coffee,
alcohol, and junk food....

..... I would have fallen apart much quicker, much sooner,
and far more thoroughly.

There is no spoon.

People who live their lives without being curious,
  means they've made up their minds about everything.
— Inventor Stan Mason

Everything that can be invented has already been invented.
— Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899

Beer tastes on a champagne budget (or was that the mirror image, after all?)
Big city raised, but small town dreamer somehow lingers
Also see:
Capitalistic Tourisma
How I Can Manage to Work in a Tourist Resort

Preferred lifestyle

that which exists on that perfect tiny Greek jewel of an island permanently etched on my mind... (actually, Andalusia or South Africa would do just fine as well!)


Partners in Crime (as reported in local Tahoe newspaper)

Winner in Intl. Society of Photographers / Intl. Library of Photography
2006 amateur photography contest:
Color Swash
Sacred Shadows

2nd place winner in photography contest for official Maine tourism brochure (photo)

Interests include

(but by no means limited to!)


adoption and abortion issues (two straight As to really get me going!!)

Three websites which have completely changed my way
of viewing the world and those who inhabit it!

Not Always Right
Etiquette Hell
Urban Legends Reference Pages

and trying to figure out a way to manipulate the clocks to wrangle more
out of them then they are at the moment seemingly able to provide!

translating (German to English — specifically American English)
and copywriting/editing of English -- naturally -- material.
For more info, please go sofort to the
Business section of this site!

how best to raise two little boys in a dual culture environment:
please also see
The Kiddie Pages; otherwise known as

The Photo Gallery

I believe that I am more than halfway along in my sojourn
but, as of yet, have not been able to discern any speed restriction or destination signs....

View the World!


My Father
4/28/1921 - 11/4/2010
(818) 761-3239

My Mother
8/9/1922 - 6/3/2011

.... just those intriguing
signposts indicating upcoming
points of

Way Cool in CA

And, hey, Im cool with that!

I'm cool with that





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