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T H E  Y E A R  2 0 0 7

or:  But I thought  7 was supposed to be lucky!

There must have been truly wacky – possibly even rancorous – forces afoot in the universe this past year. When all was said and done, probably the unluckiest, hapless and dismal year Ive ever had the displeasure and stress of living through. And in discussing this with many people all over the world, it seems this assessment was not just limited to us here high atop our mountain. It seems that around the world, New Years Eve 2007 was welcomed like no
New Years had ever been before.

Then again, it could all just be the run-up to the shifting of the magnetic poles (which would make global warming and the Mayan (and others)-prophesized 2012 End of the World just mere flickers in comparison)….. in which case, my high hopes for 2008 might also be ruthlessly dashed.

But since theres never been anything else to do but take it one step at a time,
I offer a retrospective photo-album synopsis of The Year 2007 – and yes, there were some shining moments to take some of the overall sting out of the year.
(After clicking on the picture to view the album,
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Jan 2007

Quick weekend trip to LA for cousins Bnai Mitzvah

(20 photos)

Spring 2007

Dannys Little League season

(7 photos)

Summer 2007

Santa Cruz, California

(15 photos)

The Worst of the Year

The Best of the Year

The Angora Fire

(opens as Word document)

World Series Champs

(opens as Word document)

The Weirdest of the Year

Sept 2007

Quick weekend trip to LA for B-Moms Surprise 75th
                       + Shanes 12th

(19 photos)

Birthday Night Spent in Haunted Hotel Room

(opens as separate page)

Fall 2007

Visit of Bev&Dave from Boston for Labor Day!

(27 photos)

Winter 2007/08

(5 photos)

The Inadvertently Best Ad of the Year





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